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Why $25 Gifts Are Important For Nonprofit Organizations

There is so much emphasis placed on major gifts that one begins to wonder if any effort should be put into securing smaller gifts? The answer is that while every organization should have strategies directed toward securing major gifts, small gifts play an important part in your over-all fundraising plan.

Here are 12 reasons why:

  1. Most major gifts come from those who have previously made smaller gifts.

  2. Word-of-mouth from a loyal donor is oftentimes your best sales tool, and it pays to have as many donors as possible regardless of gift size.

  3. Converting 1,000 non-donors into $25 donors results in $25,000, an increase that most organizations would welcome.

  4. A gift of $25 from a new prospect moves them into your membership and benefits for each gift level can encourage them to increase giving.

  5. Increasing the percentage of donors you have provides a degree of leverage when approaching foundations for support.

  6. Once someone contributes to your charity they have identified themselves as someone who supports and believes in your cause. Take steps to cultivate the relationship further.

  7. Most planned gifts results from those who have given previously.

  8. Many times the person who makes a smaller gift may be making more of a "sacrificial" gift (based on income) than one who contributes a higher amount. And sacrificial donors are among your most loyal ambassadors.

  9. You published annual list of contributors serves as a testimonial to others who have yet to contribute.

  10. Contributors often become involved in some volunteer capacity.

  11. You cannot build a habit of giving without receiving that first gift.

  12. Both the donor and those served by the charity benefit whenever a gift of any size is made.

Portions taken from Successful Fund Raising - a monthly report of successful fund-raising ideas, strategies and management issues.





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