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Questions that donors ask when getting fundraising appeals and direct mail! 


Where did this come from?

What's inside the envelope?

Who wrote this letter?

Who signed this letter?

Where did they get my address?

What do they know about me?

Why are they writing to me specifically?

How much money do they want?

Should I even bother to read this?

Can they prove what they say?

What happens after I respond?

Do I have to sign anything?

Do I have to put a stamp on it?

What would my friends think about this?

Can this wait?

Can I throw this away?

Have I received this before?

What's the catch?

Have I heard of this organization before?

Do they get any government or local funding?

Do they really need my help?

What difference will it make if I respond?

Are they going to send me a newsletter?

How much of this gift will actually be used the way they say?

Have they been doing this kind of work for very long?

Is there a local branch?

How do I know they are honest?

What do I have to do to fill out the reply card?

How is this different from what other groups do?


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