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Increase Donation Efforts

There are many ways that individuals and companies can support your cause. They can send in a donation via a remittance envelope, attend a special event, volunteer their time, donate goods or services, or sponsor events or activities -just to name a few.


When you're looking for ways to increase donations from individuals and companies, review some of these overlooked ideas to increase efforts.



Merchant Services Account to accept debit/credit cards

If you want to expand donation efforts consider setting up a merchant services account. Accounts can be set up by visiting your bank or by using a convenient online service like You can take credit cards via your website, at special events, for annual appeals/direct mail efforts, on remittance envelopes, phone donations, etc. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to allow donors to give! - Accept donations via credit/debit cards

Click Here to sign up to start accepting Debit/Credit Card Donations and see fundraising efforts grow!

Advertise your ability to take credit cards on your remittance envelopes, newsletters, brochures, flyers, on your website, promote during special events and even mention it on your business car.

If you can't set up a merchant services account at least consider using a system like the Amazon Payments for donations or the Paypal donation system.  

Use Remittance Envelopes / Donation Envelopes

Printed materials such as remittance envelopes should be used whenever possible. Take to special events, send with newsletters and annual appeals, keep in your office/facility to hand out easily to potential donors. These are one of the most effective fundraising tools since they can be used right away or a donor can take their time and mail back to your organization later. No other printed piece works quite like a donation envelope. Visit our sponsor printer to get discounted printing for your nonprofit.


Social Networking

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be very instrumental in getting the word out about your organization. If you're not really familiar with these sites or lack the technical computer skills to get things started visit a local high school and look for volunteers. Most High school students need community service hours donating their time to local nonprofits in order to graduate. They are the perfect candidates to volunteer doing what they love - networking with their friends while they build facebook and twitter accounts for your organization.

Join The Chamber of Commerce

Most Chamber of Commerce organizations offer reduced rate memberships for nonprofits. Take advantage of this and join your local Chamber. Businesses use Chamber opportunities to network and expand their business and nonprofits can benefit in the same ways. Attend ongoing functions and send a letter, postcard or other marketing piece to new Chamber members informing them of your services. Most Chambers announce their new members in their monthly newsletters complete with addresses and contact information. There are many networking opportunities available and it's the best way to reach the business community. It's recommend that the person that attends be the Executive Director, Founder, Board Chair, Development Director or other individual close to your organization that is qualified to be your ambassador.

Community Networking

Most communities have many networking groups for business members. Join these groups that meet on a weekly or monthly basis and be sure to take your business cards and brochures. Networking opportunities can include groups like ToastMasters, professional organizations for specific industries, or anywhere influential business members of your community gather. Some networking groups charge fees or ask for door prizes in addition to the cost to attend the luncheon. Be sure to ask for any nonprofit discounts that may be available.


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