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Grants usually come from three (3) major sources:

Independent Foundations/Charitable Funds

Corporations, and


Grant research is very important to identify potential funders and know that your request fits within their guidelines. Many funders will have you start the process with a letter of intent that outlines what the grant would be used for. It also gives the funder a chance to learn a little more about your organization before going through the full grant process. Every funder will have specific guidelines that will tell you when grants are awarded, what the process is to apply, and what types of organizations may apply. Pay particular attention to their guidelines and make sure your proposal fits within their criteria.

One of the most important things you will need is someone with good writing skills. The grant application process usually involves answering many specific questions and excellent writing skills is key. Be sure to answer questions with complete information and be sure that your answer directly relates to the question being asked. Many applicants make the mistake of not fully answering the questions - especially when it comes to new programs that haven't been completely planned out before applying for funding.

Grant writing consultants can be hired for this process - if you do not have a staff member or volunteer that is suitable. Be sure to get references and also note the practices established by the Association of Fundraising Professionals to be sure your consultant is following the ethics and standards for the profession.

The following is a list of resources to help you with the research and writing of proposals.

The Foundation Center

Offers the most comprehensive collection of grant writing resources. 

The Grantsmanship Center

Minnesota Council on Foundations

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Teacher Tap - For Educators and Librarians

Free Management Library - Fundraising and Grantwriting - Government site for Non-Profits


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