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Throughout the year you will have opportunities to run into potential donors just about everywhere you, your staff, volunteers, and current donors go. Some of these opportunities will present themselves in the form of planned events you will attend (chamber of commerce functions and community special events), others will be just while you are out in the community running errands or having lunch.

One of the best assets a not-for-profit can have is strong direct mail and marketing materials that offer prospective donors, current donors, volunteers, and staff concise information about your organization. Materials should always give individuals information about the ways they can support your organization (such as a donation panel in your brochure or a remittance envelope, or ways to volunteer) and marketing materials should always highlight the #1 reason why a potential donor should support your cause.

Every community, in every county, in every state, has more than one non-profit organization. Many counties have several organizations tackling the same types of causes - so it's important that your organization look professional. Donors support organizations that reflect professionalism and project a trust that they are adept at managing donor funds and providing quality services to their community.


Some direct mail pieces include: See samples below.


Newsletters - a must have for every organization. Newsletters should be mailed to your current donor list, all volunteers and potential donors. It's a great opportunity to highlight upcoming events, showcase major donors and grants you have received, and introduce staff and board members making readers feel they are a part of your family.

Brochures - trifold brochures are perfect for inhouse display racks, mailing to potential donors, and handing out at community events. Your design should include a cut off donation panel that makes it easy for donors to clip and mail in with their donation..

Remittance envelopes - these are the most widely used donation return vehicle. They are large enough to include information about your organization in a handy self addressed envelope. The most convenient marketing piece for nonprofit organizations since it makes it so easy for donors to enclose a check and mail back to you. The most popular sizes are a #6 and #9 size.

Postcards - a great tool for quick inquiries and follow-ups when a potential donor requests information. Can also be used to send easy donor thank you notes with a personal message regarding their gift.

Flyers - a necessity to keep on hand for any time your staff, volunteers, or current donors want to inform others about your organization. They are also the perfect marketing piece to give to community outlets (such as retail stores and other local businesses that will help get your message out). The are the most popular way to advertise special events and the most common size of 8.5 x 5.5 half page sheets are an economical way to promote awareness.

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Direct Mail Samples courtesy of

See what other organizations have done with various direct mail pieces. Click on a graphic for a larger view.

BrochureCover3.jpg (71432 bytes) BrochureInside3.jpg (87982 bytes)

Brochure For Thrift / Consignment Shop

BrochureCover.jpg (67567 bytes) BrochureInside.jpg (99342 bytes)

Brochure for General Information with Donor Return Panel

BrochureCover2.jpg (92622 bytes)

Informational Brochure Cover For Rape Crisis Center

PostCard1.jpg (42026 bytes)

Sample Postcard For Educational Efforts

PostCard2.jpg (89247 bytes)

Postcard Advertisement For Thrift Shop


Remittance Envelope Printing   Remittance Envelope Sample

Remittance Envelopes

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